Be prepared to
Stay a while
▹ He said he was afraid of commitment
And yet his body was covered in tattoos
Maybe he didn’t think I was a work of art
Or maybe he didn’t think I was worth the pain

Little ribs tattoo saying in spanish “No me dejes caer jamás”, which means “Do not ever let me fall”.


Little ribs tattoo saying in spanish “No me dejes caer jamás”, which means “Do not ever let me fall”.


▹ Realizing I deserved better changed everything.
▹ Six Word Story #82 by absentions (via mcalls)

God. My heart hurts so much. That one did it for me. It’s hard to breathe

Anonymous said
Don't be sad, you are too cute to be sad

ones cuteness does not determine if he or she is allowed to be upset or not. but you’re right, my cuteness level is off the charts

What's wrong dude

Nothing is wrong, i just feel alone




That was a really good game. You and Mitchell were so good.

haha mitchell…. he wasn’t that good, i know you’re his girlfriend and all but no need to sugar coat it. he could use some work. HAHAHA I’m kidding mitchell. kinda HAHAHA don’t beat me up hahaha

Jackass haha you’re so mean. But seriously congrats

Thank you thank you. Tell them I need a raise 😂😂😂

That one time when i broke my own record 7/26/14
Interviewer: whats it like going to bed knowing you have this guy right here on your team?
Danny: Oh man, He's a life saver, i mean he's such a talented player, even when his shots weren't fallin, he still finds a way to be a threat, you saw it here, he got what like 28 assists i think thats what it said on the stat sheet. its scary because he told us from the beginning he wasn't at 100% and he still breaks the assists record. just wait till he's healthy.
Interviewer: *looks to me* Do you know who held the last assists record with 24 assists?
Me: *shakes head* no, who was he?
Interviewer: You broke your own record. that was a hard record to break and i didn't think i would see that record get broken but what some 5 years later and by the same person. what was going on in your mind when you broke the record?
Me: I honestly wasn't keeping track of the assists count. i just knew i wasn't making anything and we had some catching up to do, so i had to make it as easy for my teammates as possible.

Decided to go Hawaiian on you guys


This is a lie she shows up to my house in sweats and hair in a bun

oh shut up hahaha i knew you’d call me on my shit

cause you’re so full of it, haha come on we both know.. hahah “take pride in how i present myself” HA. i will say, what you lack in “how you present yourself” you definitely make up for in sense of humor 

Idk how I’m gonna play basketball. My hips and groin hurt so much